Clean Silk, Wool, Rayon at home

Almost all dry cleaning establishments in the country clean with perchloroethylene (perc), a probable carcinogen, neurotoxic chlorinated solvent that bioaccumulates in fat and is suspected endocrine disrupter, meaning it is a chemical that may confuse the body into thinking it is estrogen!
Until now the dry cleaning industry changes to green process, but not all dry cleaners are. So we can take care of getting our “dry clean only” garments clean safely by learn how to wet cleaning at home.
Earlier in my experience — I shrunk a lot of rayon outfits three sizes before I finally figured out what I was doing wrong — I have finally learned how to wet clean wool, rayon and silk at home. Now I learn wet cleaning process from professional. I share some of this info to you who want to do it at home.
The most critical information you need to know is that it is the agitation of wool, silk and rayon that causes the shrinkage of the garment, not just hot water. Even the agitation of the gentle cycle in a washing machine is too much agitation for these fabrics. Make sure to spot test the fabric for colorfastness first before start clean.
Wet Cleaning Wool and Silk
  1. 1. Hand wash in a sink by gently swirling the clothes in cool water; never twist or wring out wool or silk.
  2. 2. Use a mild detergent with a pH below 7 for wool, such as Infinity Heavenly Horsetail, available in       health food stores. A mild liquid castile soap such as Dr. Bronner’s baby soap is best for cleaning silk, since it won’t strip the natural oils. Any harsh lye-based soap with a pH above 10 will destroy silk.
  3. 3. If necessary, spot clean stain with vinegar or lemon juice, but test for dye color fastness first.
  4. 4. Gently press water from the garment. Block wool—lay it flat on a towel and stretch it to the correct size and shape—before drying; it will dry to the blocked size. Wool is resilient and recovers quickly from wrinkling if hung. Hang dry silk.
  1. 1. Rayon absolutely must not be agitated at all; it is a weak fiber and shrinks easily.
  2. 2. Follow washing directions for cleaning wool and silk, with one big difference: rayon is an alkaline garment, and acidic detergents can harm the garment. Don’t spot clean rayon with acidic vinegar. Most all-purpose detergents will be fine to use, or a liquid castile soap. Even a harsh detergent won’t harm rayon. But be careful, not too strong detergent.
  3. 3. Gently press out water, and hang dry.
It take some work to clean it, but you will learn something new. For those who don't have time, try to find green Dry Cleaner in you area, which is safe for you from dangerous chemical. Try your best.

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