Free Home & Office Delivery Service
Need to get to the cleaners, but you're short on time? Just leave clothes on the door, we'll pick them up.

We will pick-up and delivery in
Fort Walton Beach, Destin   -      Tues - Fri
Mary Esther, Navarre          -       Mon  - Thu 


When you place an order with Little Star Cleaners we will ask you to fill out the form which is include, name, billing address, telephone number, credit card infomation( pay by card, cash or check).  we will pick-up from and return your garments to your designated location, work or home.  All you need to do is place your garments in the laundry bag that will be provided to you or laundry basket of your own(we will return it when order delivery) and leave the rest to us.

Wash and Fold

  • Fill your laundry bag or your own basket and leave it at the designated location.
  • Each customer's order will be clean separated from all other orders and processed in its own washer and dryer.
  • Each customer's order will be washed, dried, folded, and put in your own basket or shrink-wrapped.

Dry Cleaning/ Laundry

  • Place your dry cleaning or laundry items in the laundry bag. (Do not place items to be dry cleaned and items to be wash and fold in the same bag).
  • All garment will be dry clean, unless, garment's tag or the customer mark it as laundry. 
  • Each customer's order will be cleaned according to the suggested care instructions listed on the garment's tag.
There are two ways to order.  Online or by telephone.   Once your order is completed, we will delivery to you designated location as schedule. Payment will be procress after delivery.  See our pricing list for more information.
That's it.  That's all it takes and you've converted hours of work into mere minutes.  The remaining time is yours to fill with those things you really enjoy.

*REMINDER:  Prior to scheduling pick-up be sure to go through the pockets of your clothing for miscellaneous items.

* Little Star Cleaners reserves the right to refuse any item if we can't clean.