Wet-cleaning System
Wet-cleaning System was first to address solvent-free cleaning by developing a way to tame water. With a new system, you don’t need to worry about shrinkage, felting or dye bleeds for most garments. Our specialized equipment can handle all aspects of the cleaning and drying process. The new wet-cleaning washer combines the gentle process of hand-washing with the efficiency of professional cleaning. With this new Wet-cleaning system we are be able to clean any garments or even garments that were considered dryclean only. Our Wetcleaning Systems are an environmentally safe, non-polluting complement to dry cleaning. With the push of a button, the Wetcleaning Washer converts to an ideal washer for laundering shirts, some comforters, some drapes and “wash-dry-fold” laundry.

Shirt and casual ware cleaning

Professional cleansing for shirts, bluejeans, khakis, lab jackets, cooking overcoats, table sheets and other “washable” items is another procedure that we use to keep your apparel looking their very best.  Special cleaners detergent, additives, and comes to finishes used along with very specialised units set professional cleaning apart from house cleaning.  After your apparel have been washed they are kept damp and then ready to be pressed.  This laundry pressing procedure gives your clothing a very “crisp and sharp” look and feel that cannot be done at house.  This is obtained by blow drying your clothing on laundry pressing machine that are over 315 fahrenheit  with press that approach 120 psi on your apparel.

Most blouses and shirts created from 100% natural cotton or a natural cotton / rayon combination can be retail washed.  However some apparel that are too small, too large, or have additional designs or trim that cannot fit on professional laundry cleaning equipment and must be hand finished.  Also, some apparel with care brands for cleaning in cold or warm water and press with low temp should be dry cleansed or wet cleansed to prevent any damage such as reducing in size, melting, or shining.  Outfits created from fibres with Cotton, Spandex, Plastic, Polynosic, Flax, Cotton, Fleece coat, Page, Fat, Tactel and Acetate should not be wash because they may become altered and may not withstand the extreme heat used in the completing procedure.

Wash and Fold Services

Our Wash and Fold Laundry cleaning services is a easy and affordable method of delivering out your laundry to be done by experts. As opposed to our dry washing or expert laundry services, this particular service launders your apparel in expert washer  machines and dryers. There are many time busy people such as  professionals , students, entrepreneurs, experienced employees, and elderly people that take advantage of our Wash and Fold Laundry cleaning services to preserve them some time to reduce the frustration of interacting with “laundry day.”

A expert wash and fold laundry service starts with pickup or drop off your unsorted  laundry basket. Our service will identify the cleaning requirements of each item of clothing and individual them by color, temperature, and cleaning method. Then our expert staff can properly wash every load with a high-quality washing agent, such as, purex, tide, clorox2, gain, oxi clean, and all services will include clothing softener.  They will softly dry your apparel, and carefully fold anything that doesn't need to be ironed, such as knit tops, jeans, or footwear, for you to pick up at your convenience or delivery to your house.

 Our service goes one step further than other by offering hangers to the item you don't like to be fold, de-greasers, de-odorizers, and pre-treatment of spots before clean at no additional charge.

Other extra convenient include the ability to clean your shades, pillows, bedding, sleeping-bags, linens, and large items in special large capacity machines. If you could place a sum of money for what your some time to effort is worth to you, you will definitely spend less by using our Wash and Fold Laundry cleaning Services.  

No need to buy, set up, or repair a wash or clothes dryer at house.  Also, you never have to buy washing agent, conditioner or softener, lightener,  hangers, pre-spot substances, in addition to the power of removing this all day task.

Don't have to spend 4-6 hours to clean your laundry at home. Never have to wait 4-6 hours for your laundry at Coin Laundry which is very bored.

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