What is Dry-Cleaning
Dry cleaning uses fluids to remove soil and stains
from fabric. In fact, the term "Dry Cleaning" is
misleading; it is called dry cleaning because the
fluid contains little or no water and does not
penetrate the fibers the same way as does water.
The advantage of dry cleaning is its ability to
dissolve greases and oils in a way that water
cannot. Dry Cleaning helps to return garments to
you in a like-new condition.

Better for the environment, Better for you skin
This new process not only cleans and freshens garments faster, and it is also better for the environment than currently used methods by other drycleaners, it eliminates the health problem, environmental damage, customer complaints, and regulatory problems associated with traditional “Perc” dry cleaning…as well as the zoning, flammability, odor, pollution and cost issues with alternative processes using liquid Carbon Dioxide, Silicone, Glycol Ether and Hydrocarbon solvents.

Garments are put in the state-of-the-art, dry-to-dry Dry-cleaning machine, which uses a unique jet air pulsating system to first dislodge loose dirt and soil from garments, de-lint them, and then jet sprays DWX44, Dry- Cleaning solution, that permeates into and through garments cleaning and freshening them.  Specially designed filters, and reusable “blotters” or pads in the machine scrub, attract and absorb the dirt and soil left behind.  The cleaned and freshened garments are then tumble-dried nearly wrinkle-free. The cleaning ability and results are similar to Valclene drycleaning (when it was in use).

The process leaves no harmful residue on garments.  Colors stay bright with no shrinkage, color loss or fade, fabrics stay soft with good hand, and manufacturers’ finishes remain intact.  Finished garments are odor and static-free, with minimal lint.  The process works well with all fabrics, especially delicates and doesn’t allow spots and wrinkles to “set” into garments, which makes finishing a lot easier and it's save for most beads, sequins, buttons, trimmings, and difficult garments.

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